Shadowrun Seattle

Drug Run Pt. 2

Side Mission from Pay Data

(Midnight on the eve of 4/13/2072)

The car chase down the 405 lasted two and a half sessions (and so will be much abbreviated). Much of this was flushing out the mechanics of car combat. Overall the gang was surprised at the 405 Hell Hound’s tenacity to dieing and running into guard rails. Overall, the Hell Hounds lost 6 Mirages, 2 Scorpions, and Shin-Hyung (the latter to a Knight Errant Commadore). As the race down the 405 was getting hairy, 2 Knight Errant Commadores and a Venture pulled onto the highway and began shooting at both the Hell Hounds and Kruz’s vehicle. As the chase neared its finale, a rival gang, the Leather Devils was met heading down the wrong side of the road playing chicken with Sho Nuff.

Both Sho Nuff and Kruz were able to pull a stunt and drive off the 405 without having to slow down, leaving the street gangs and Knight Errant Security on the 405. The crew finaly were able to pull into the Gates Casino and pass off the suitcase to Rocco the Troll.

The crew opted to take a non 405 route back to their base of operation and receive their payment for the mission. Sho Nuff managed to talk Pay Data into paying the crew an extra $1000 as he argued a mission of such eluded importance should have come with a free rental than forcing the crew to rent a car for the mission. Pay was distributed and the crew had a week’s worth of down time to spend recouping and training new skills.



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