Shadowrun Seattle

Need a New Plan

April 7, 2072

After deliberating as to whether or not it was a good idea to pull up in front of a garage of hostile, want-to-be gangers, the crew decided to go about things with a little more stealth in mind. The rest of the account will be shared en medias res for brevity and comedic effect.

At the southern wall, trying to get Horror Show into position

Sho Nuff: What do you mean you don’t know how to use this equipment? You bought it!
Horror Show: Ah, shut it! I always wanted to learn. Now I can!
T and Kruz (watching remotely): /snicker
Sho Nuff: The wall is only 10 feet tall, you lummox!
T: On belay!
Sho Nuff (providing a boost to Horror Show and grunting from the weight): Belay on, you fucker!

All but Horror Show hide in the shadows waiting for the Troll to give the signal that the patrolling Drop Outs have been taken care of.

Sho Nuff: Hey, he’s pretty quiet for being so big. Who’d a thought it.
T: Hey, did you see that?
Sho Nuff: What?
T: That! (a body gets thrown off the wall completing a double gainer before crunching on the pavement)
Sho Nuff: Jesus, that’s one way to hide the bodies…

T is a go, so he magics himself to look like Leet Skillz and moves in to chat up Nail, Trancer, and Pony Boy

T: Hey guys, can I get in on your game?
Nail: Ah, Leet, you suck. Get out of here, you always cheat anyway!
Pony Boy: Yeah, you cheat!
T: I don’t cheat, you guys just suck at cards. What’s the game? (glitches on a con check, uses an edge only to critically glitch on the same con check) Anything’s fine with me, just as long as it’s not one of those Yakuza games, Yakuza sucks!
Nail: Um, Leet. You like the Yakuza.
Pony Boy: Yeah, aren’t they the ones you got the Beetle from?
Sho Nuff: (smacks his head while hiding around the corner)
T: er…. Hey, where do I sit, oh this one’s open! (pushes Trancer off the seat as he’s currently engrossed on his Beetle).
Nail: Damn, that’s cold, Leet! Trancer’s going to kick your ass!
Pony Boy: Yeah, and you even got him that Beetle so that is super low.
T: Ah, he won’t mind. He’s out of it… look at him. It’d take something really fucked up to get him out of that sim, Sho Nuff, it would!
Sho Nuff: (Charging in from outside) Who’s the Master!
Nail and Pony Boy: … what?
Ziiip! (Nail drops from a small caliber bullet to his head from Horror Show as Pony Boy takes a punch to the forehead via Sho-Nuff’s Shock gloves).
Horror Show: … thanks for letting me know the signal, asses.
Sho Nuff: What else would it be?
T: This one’s mine! (charges Trancer, trips on his own feet, crumples, knocks the wind out off his lungs on a chair, and accidentaly draws Trancer out of his sim safely and raring for a fight)
Sho Nuff: Oh, nice move!
Horror Show: Fuckin’ gimper
T: groan Ack, my liver!

Big Boss Fight, T’s been shot as he was standing sentry over the stair way. The gun turret has been disabled and several of the inner circle of Mad Dog’s Drop Outs have been cut down though the rest are charging up. Horror Show and Sho Nuff are running over to help as Kruz’s aerial drone shoots at the attacking gangers from above

BAD Dog: Grrrr
T: Sit!
(BAD Dog attacks T)
T: EEEEeeeeeeee!
Kruz’s Drone: BRrrrrrrr (shooting bursts of bullets at the BAD Dog who seems to have a sixth sense when it comes to dodging bullets)

Sho Nuff: (charging) Who’s the Prettiest!
Ganger #2 Blam! (Shoots Sho Nuff in the chest)
Sho Nuff Oooof!

Only the BAD Dog remains alive and fighting, he’s dodged multiple rounds of gun fire, katana strikes, and aggressive commands. He’s currently been spending simple actions to piss all over Horror Show’s boots because it’s funny

Horror Show: Raaawwwwwrr! Whiff!
BAD Dog: Ruf!, tinkles on Horror Show’s boots again
Horror Show: Take that! Whiff! (getting more and more enraged after each miss)
Kruz and Sho Nuff opt to watch the display instead of participate in it. Sho Nuff has a look of ’Let’s get on with it, shall we?’
Horror Show: Yah! Whiff! (madder, yet)
BAD Dog: (back flips over the sword thrust)
Horror Show: Take that! (stomps down on hard concrete as the BAD Dog, once again dodges, extremely mad)
BAD Dog: (looking winded now)
Horror Show: Keeya! (catches the leaping dog on his Katana, letting it slide to the ground, dead) Ah, hah! I hated that Dog!
Sho Nuff Looks like you got a new name now, Mad Dog! /snicker



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