Shadowrun Seattle

Truck Balls and a Jock Strap


4/7/2072 (Continued)

The mission ended by a debriefing by Tony the Ork. Tony’s description of the job underlined its potential difficulties while making a point to demean the group’s success. Sho-Nuff presented Tony with Bad Dog’s signet ring (still attached to the finger), cementing his position as the group’s leader, at least in Tony’s eyes.

Upon receiving the $3000 dollar cred-stick, Sho-Nuff pushed for more stressing the real success of the mission was in how it was carried out and how word would spread for both the Cutters and Sho-Nuff’s prestige (including the group’s prestige, but Sho-Nuff is a bit self centered). 18 gangers had died, a few were allowed to live to spread the word of what was done and who did it. Tony seemed impressed by Sho-Nuff’s brazenness, even going so far as to praise the size of Sho-Nuff’s “balls” and wondered what Sho-Nuff was using to carry them in, that the gave a $500 bonus despite his orders not to ask for one.

Tony also mentioned that it was dangerous for the group to leave the Barrens as the Drop Outs were associated with the Gianelli Crime Family (spelling and wiki link needed).

T broke out his med kit and proceeded to heal himself and Sho-Nuff of the wounds taken in the fight with the drop outs. T also began repairing the equipment the crew used in the previous mission with Sho-Nuff’s assistance (which probably amounted to various comments like, “Yeah, turn that wrench”, “here use this screw driver”, and “Hey Horror Show, can you get us one of those left handed wrenches? Your Katana won’t be as sharp if we can’t get our hands on one…!”

Karma Awards for Downtime

T 2
Sho Nuff 1


Tony informed the group that he has another job for us coming up. This job is an extortion job where we will be escorting and using a Hacker named Macintosh to extract some data from some corporate office. More details will follow in one week’s time. Tony then introduced us to a number of NPCs that we can use as contacts that are affiliated with the Cutters. This Tony stressed was one of the perk in being with the gang.

The meeting with MacIntosh would happen in 1 week’s time, giving the crew enough time to rest, heal, train, and work on equipment as needed.

New NPCs

Swamp Meat
A go to guy for weapons, armor, and ammo. Has various Crime Mall contacts. He won’t give premium prices for anything that isn’t new, generally offers prices of 5% on loot items (may be raised to 10% on negotiation)

Connection: 4 Loyalty: 1

Elf woman with blue streaks in black hair, has an olive color to her skin. She is a drug queen with access to hospital medic supplies, and cyberware. Currently has a high mark up for any drugs she sells to the group.

Connection: 3 Loyalty: 1

Allen Wrench
A grease monkey with a talent for fixing and selling cars. He can also remove RFID tags.

Connection: 5 Loyalty: 1

Disco Sims
A Cutter whose purpose is to gather intel and recruit for the cutters. Was under the influence and out of it when the crew was being introduced so no Connection/Loyalty as of yet.

Pay Data
Dwarf with mirrored smart goggles. Pay Data is a Fixer, he can give the group side jobs, gather/share info, and even hire out if the crew needs outside help.

Connection: 4 Loyalty: 1



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