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  • Need a New Plan

    April 7, 2072 After deliberating as to whether or not it was a good idea to pull up in front of a garage of hostile, want-to-be gangers, the crew decided to go about things with a little more stealth in mind. The rest of the account will be shared …

  • Truck Balls and a Jock Strap

    h4. 4/7/2072 (Continued) The mission ended by a debriefing by [[Tony the Ork | Tony the Ork]]. *Tony's* description of the job underlined its potential difficulties while making a point to demean the group's success. *Sho-Nuff* presented *Tony* with …

  • Drop Outs

    From [[Tony the Ork]] of the [[Cutters]]

    Successfully Completed
    Get rid of [[Mad Dog]], the leader of a destitute gang of low lifes called The Drop Outs. Bring back evidence of his death and it was hinted that he wanted …