Drop Outs

From Tony the Ork of the Cutters

Successfully Completed

Get rid of Mad Dog, the leader of a destitute gang of low lifes called The Drop Outs. Bring back evidence of his death and it was hinted that he wanted to be impressed with what we brought back.

Location: 82nd East and Eustice Road (roughly 10 blocks away from our Squatter Living), in Puylup/Loveland area

Building: Decrepit Industrial Building, no ceiling (save 2 rooms), open bay/garage.

Security: Hard wired fire alarm system tied to a mounted turret in Mad Dog’s lair. 2 security cameras facing the street outside of the bay/garage.

21 members of the gang on site (Leet Skillz in custody) armed with mostly clubs and knives, a few fire arms mixed in amongst the gang.

Vehicles: Growler, Jack Rabbit

Contract Amount: $3,000
Bonus Amount: $500

Drop Outs

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