Session 1 Final and Downtime

We’ll be beginning the next session with the closeout of the prologue run. Following that, you’ll have the opportunity to rest up, fix equipment, spend karma, and buy/sell stuff. The more that is done, the longer it takes. There may also be small karma awards for efficient use of non-combat skills during this down time.

First, your close-out karma awards.

Group karma award: 6 points. This represents thorough completion of the mission, including accomplishing the main objective and obtaining the two vehicles and clearing the stash.

In addition, Guild’s individual karma award: 2 points (for finishing the spoof command action on the turret and it taking down several Dropouts)

Healing: At the beginning of the session, magic and first-aid healing can be done. Any remaining physical wounds are healed over days. Each day of unassisted healing give a dice pool of Body x2 for healing physical damage. This can be sped up through medicine. A Medicine + Logic test can be done, and hits add to the wounded person’s healing test dice pool. The medic must devote 30 minutes per day of time to this task.

Stun damage is healed over a day’s time.

Selling loot: You’ll be introduced to some contacts who will buy your stuff early in the next session. You will start with a loyalty value of 1 for these contacts, and as a result they will offer you crap prices for your loot. If you prefer, you can try to pawn them on the street, but that is time consuming per the rules on page 418. Note that to sell loot on the street, RFID tags need to be removed and weapons/armor needs to be serviced. It needs to be mint condition and not easily traced back to a (dead) owner to be of value to a fence.

For selling at the Cutters camp, use the following calculations against the book value of the loot.

Sell value of commlinks/vehicles if ownership RFIDs not removed: 5%
Sell value of commlinks/vehicles if ownership RFIDs removed: 10%
Test for improving sell value: Opposed Negotiation + Charisma versus the merchant (who will have some skill in negotiation him/herself). Successes increases value by 5%/hit, successes for the merchant decreases value by 5%/hit (but never below 5%).
Test for removing ownership RFIDs: Extended Hardware + Logic [Mental] (24, 1 hour) test.

Sell value of weapons/armor if not serviced: 5%
Sell value of weapons/armor if serviced: 10%
Test for improving sell value: As above.

Sell value of ammo, drugs, grenade: 10%
Test for improving sell value: As above.

Salvaging the smart weapon firing platform and/or mounted gun will be difficult.
Test for repairing modified smart weapon firing platform: Industrial Mechanic + Logic (24, 1 day)
Test for repairing the mounted gun: Armorer + Logic (24, 1 day)

If the modified weapon platform is repaired, it can be converted into a basic smart weapon platform with the following test:
Test for turning modified smart weapon firing platform into a smart weapon firing platform: Armorer + Logic (18, 1 hour)

Test/time for servicing weapons/armor used (weapons, armor): Armorer + Logic (6, 10 minutes)
Test/time for servicing drones used: Aeronautics/Automotive Mechanic + Logic (12, 30 minutes)

Gear availability for purchase: You’ll be able to buy equipment with an availability of up to 6/6R, and licenses rating 1, for 150% of the book’s item value, subject to a negotiation test. You’ll be able to buy drugs or toxins with availability up to 4R. You’ll be able to rent vehicles for 10% of the vehicle’s cost per day, with 5% refunded if it is returned undamaged.

Test for salvaging equipment from cameras: Hardware + Logic (12, 30 minutes)
Equipment that can be salvaged from cameras (per camera): Wall-mounted housing, capacity 1, camera single sensor

Test/time for improving skills per point: new rating x2
Test/time for improving stats per point: new rating x5

Request: Could someone print the Seattle districts map on Dropbox on either one page, or four pages? I’ve tried at work but the file size makes my work computer cry.

Just a few small addendum points to my email/calculations stated above. I neglected to include the time required for training new stats or skills. This is on page 107. Training a skills to rating 1-4 takes new skill rating x 1 day. Training a skill to rating 5-8 takes new skill rating x 1 week. Training a stat takes new stat rating x 1 week. These timeframes are reduced through instruction if one player wants to tutor another in a skill that the tutoring player already knows better than the learner (minimum rating must be 4 to instruct). Instructions for that are on page 141. The tutor rolls Instruction + Charisma, and each hit reduces time for learning the skill by a day. However, the teacher must spend 8 hours per day with the student, for every day required for the student to fully learn the skill.

If anyone successfully instructs another character during downtime, there will be a small karma reward, probably 1 point.

There is also the option of buying tutorsoft to reduce training time. That’s on page 442.

If anyone is going to want to so something on their own, that they don’t want the rest of the group to know about, during the downtime after the conclusion of the Dropouts mission, let me know privately. Or, if anyone wants to spy on whether anyone ELSE is doing something clandestine, let me know that privately too. You’ll be privately rolling both perception and sneaking to see if you learn anything and if you’re discovered, so be careful.

You can use the 6 karma group award now in planning any character advancements. You’ll be closing out the run right at the beginning of the session, and that’s when the down time between runs will begin. However, one factor you’re going to have to incorporate into your planning is time involved. Between healing, equipment maintenance, RFID tag removal, and training time for character improvement, the group will need a basic consensus as to how long you want to spend. Sometimes you’ll have limitations as to how much time you CAN spend between runs, but that’s not the case right now, so it’s more or less as much time as you all want. But there will be a real passage of time involved. Your first run began and ended on April 7, 2072. Your next run will begin the day your downtime is complete. In that time, the world will slowly change. Your characters will slowly age. Everything is a balance.

So ideally, everyone comes to Monday night’s session already knowing whether/how they want to spend their karma, what contribution they’ll make in terms of skills for treating the wounded and maintaining equipment, and how they’ll want to make/spend money. Then we’ll begin the evening by closing out the first run, allowing you to finalize downtime plans, introducing some new contacts who will officially allow you to buy/sell equipment and do other things, and then start the next mission. I’ll be prepared to play through an entire run Monday, but I’ll as always be very appreciative if the group doesn’t move quite so quickly because getting all this stuff prepared is a wowzer amount of work!

Session 1 Final and Downtime

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