Shadowrun Seattle

Double Trouble, Sho Nuff!
Tony's Not Happy

12:01 a.m. 4/20/2072

Escaping from the Apartment

The gang spent some time trying to figure out their best exit strategy and what to do with the two captive shadowrunners. Sho Nuff was not convinced that JustJim was telling them the full truth and he wanted to keep the two gimps from informing their employer of their failure. The plan was to take the two, bound in sheets and arms tied, with Benny’s severed arms for window dressing and use the confusion to escape out the back of the apartment building. “T” (Tybalt Thelonius Tiberion) would use his knowledge to try and cover any evidence of what happened by setting fire to the apartment across the way from Macintosh’s. The bodies of the dead shadowrunners were placed in the same apartment. Sho Nuff managed to loot a bunch of random electronics and clothing from the apartment before the escape.

“T” (Tybalt Thelonius Tiberion) made his exit from the stairwell into the first floor of the apartment building masked as Sho Nuff. Upon his exit, the fake Sho Nuff was accosted by William the poor ticket taker that T fired from the Cathode Glow. William pleaded desperately for the fake Sho Nuff to intercede on his behalf and smooth things over with T in hopes of getting his job back. T being guided by his mentor spirit was forced to engage and help the poor sap. Though the physical appearance was magically altered, the spell did not manage to capture the true essence of Sho Nuff. What was witnessed was a caricature that looked like Sho Nuff and sounded like a cross between Fat Albert, Reverend Jessie Jackson, and Redd Fox’s Fred Sanford.

The sheer audacity of trying to mimic one’s betters provoked a response from the real Sho Nuff who shut off the car that was running so that they could evade Night Errants imminent arrival, so that he could confront the imposter. Had Sho Nuff grown up in the richy middle class neighborhoods of Tacoma, this confrontation might have been settled through conversation and possibly a little chastisement. But, since Sho Nuff grew up in the Barrens, the confrontation was conducted by a fist to the face and a flurry of verbal abuse. The crew eventually made it back to the car where T dropped his mask and Sho Nuff drove away.

h4. Planning the Next Stage

Once at the compound, the two prisoner shadowrunners were placed in some Cutter cages for safe keeping while the gang tried to figure out their next move. Sho Nuff was of a mind to find out who this Nate the Fixer was who used this crew for menial jobs, figuring Nate was probably the one to referred the group to the unknown Fixer who hired them to “protect” Mac’s apartment. YoQuiero recognized the physical description of Nate to be a person who he knew as Stiffy. YoQuiero had made fake id’s for Stiffy in the past, so an email was sent out to Stiffy/Nate requesting a meeting.

While at the compound, the group sold Benny’s cyberware to Phantasy, gaining some respect in her eyes after negotiating a slightly higher selling price of the used equipment.

This was also the time that YoQuiero accessed the DataChip that was found inside of the wall safe from Macintosh’s apartment. In it were two files, one was a blueprint of the first floor of Han Microtech. The second was a document detailing Han Microtech’s business expenses. From the overview the group concluded that the company was laundering money, and it was believed by “T” (Tybalt Thelonius Tiberion) that it was being used by the Yakuza (after having checked with some of his less than reputable sources).

Macintosh's Apartment
Tony's Not Happy



The gang moved up to the sixth floor via the elevators and then took the stairs up to the seventh so they could slowly approach Macintosh’s apartment at Rm. 726. In lieu of any proper recon or observation, the group moved ahead and made up their minds to turn down a side passage if there were any suspicious looking characters around the apartment. Sure enough, there was a lone guard standing outside of Macintosh’s door who opened up with suppressing fire on the gang as we were turning into the side passage.

After hitting the deck, the group managed to roll into the side passage and get cover. Kruz immediately headed for the stairs and initiated the retreat to his rig in his vehicle. “T” (Tybalt Thelonius Tiberion) managed to fire off a Mana bolt, but as the second round of combat commenced 3 other shooters made their presence known and shot T in the face fairly significantly. T recalled that Kruz had asked him a question about the birds and the bees so he followed Kruz to inform him of what he knew about such matters from reading graffiti off of men’s bathroom stalls. He followed Kruz’s exit down the stairs and removed himself from combat.

YoQuiero hot linked himself in the stairwell so that he could check out what was going on in the grid. He noticed 5 com-links and was looking into them when the immediacy of the combat ended.

Horror Show also used the stairs to go up a level so that he could come down on one of the shooters who had taken position inside a corner stairwell. As he was readying himself for a charge, Sho Nuff threw a fragmentation grenade which blew up in the hallway, killing 3, gravely wounding 1, and peppered the lone woman with shrapnel. As Horror Show moved in to subdue the woman, he saw a fifth gunman who immediately gave up.


Their story was that the 5 of them had recently become Shadowrunners. A few of them knew each other longer than a month, but for the most part, they were new to the business. Benny (an ork who was the lone sentry in the hallway when the group approached) apparently was the leader who knew and who had dealings with a Fixer by the name of Nate. This job, however, was not contracted through Nate, but an unknown, shadowy individual who paid up front. The mission was to protect this apartment from a group from Han Microtechnology. Benny had taken severe damage from the grenade blast and was put down by Sho Nuff in an act of mercy after failing a first aid check to see if he could be stabilized.

It is possible that these ‘shadowrunners’ were contracted by Macintosh to protect his apartment and throw off anyone searching for him.

Alisha and JustJim were the only two remaining Shadowrunners left alive. Alisha mentioned that JustJim knew Nate the Fixer as well and that for the most part they completed some Lonestar Security gigs, and ran a few packages to the Puyallup Barrens, Underworld 93, and a couple to some unnamed gangers. Most of the contracts only netted a couple of hundred Nuyen, reflecting the small time status they were admitting to.

After interrogating the two for a bit, Alisha and JustJim were stripped down and secured with pillow cases over their heads and zip ties to their arms behind their backs. They were separated while the gang searched through the apartment.

The Search

YoQuiero found some journal entries inside of Macintosh’s computer. “T” (Tybalt Thelonius Tiberion) located a wall safe behind the fridge (using his knowledge of architecture and under Sho Nuff’s assistance) and a scrap piece of paper in the cushions of the recliner in the main room. Loot was gathered from the dead shadowrunners, their bodies brought out of the hallway and into the room, and of the items that were stripped from the two live ones.

The journal entries were shared with the group, YoQuiero used the master computer to open the wall safe which held some extra loot.

Macintosh Timeline

Macintosh Journal Entries

Macinstosh is AWOL
Tony's Not Happy


Tony hosts a meeting, he is agitated and drinking a class of some type of alcohol. He claims that Macintosh has gone missing and he was an integral source for the next mission that our crew was going to work on. He wants to find out what happened to Macintosh, who is responsible and if Macintosh is dead, to punish those who killed him. Failure means the Cutters will no longer see the gang as members, success might mean some type of payment, tho Tony’s demeanor wasn’t really open to negotiation.

Macintosh’s Quarters

Private room in the rear of the compound. It contained a cot, some grubby blankets, a desk with an old Apple computer, and a locked foot locker. The room also boasts of a broken window that faces out into the rubbled streets of the Barrens. “T” (Tybalt Thelonius Tiberion) found a note with a password to Macintosh’s computer where the group found information on a place that Macintosh frequented called the Cathode Glow, a 20th century inspired hang out for geeks with a taste for archaic video games. Several emails were posted indicating that Macintosh’s last outgoing message was a week old. Most of the emails detailed information about games such as World of Warcraft and Madden 99 and many boastings of Macintosh’s achievements in those games.

The foot locker contained 3 sets of soiled sweatsuits valued at $20 each, a hot blue Urban Explorer Jumpsuit ($650), a Flechette 600 pistol ($350) with an undermount smart system ($200), 2 full clips of ammo (30 rounds each), a pamphlet advertising the Cathode Glow and its location at 6th avenue and North Cedar Street in the Takoma District.

At the end of the search Sho Nuff moved his bunk into the room, claiming it for his own for the elevation of the crew’s image.

The Cathode Glow

The Cathode Glow is located in a 3 story open warehouse that sells 20th century computer wares and offers a solace for computer nerds to hang out and plink historic quarters into video games. Admission to get in is set at $20 tho an annual membership could be purchased for $80. After a short altercation with the young, khaki wearing elf male at the door, admissions were paid and the crew entered into the establishment.

Casey Conners is the owner of the Cathode Glow. After some finagling he offered to let us open Macintosh’s account and allow us to search for any pertinent information. Conners also gave us Macintosh’s address in Takoma, 873 N. Junette Street, Apt. 726 in Takoma and that Macintosh’s real name is Harry Stills.

YoQuiero spent 4 hours mulling through Macintosh’s ramblings and his ever persistent conspiracy theories, the more colorful were:

  • Governor Brackhaven is actually a dragon
  • The Arcology shutdown was all orchestrated, and Renraku continues to operate the ACHE, conducting experiments on the people who live in and visit it
  • The drug tempo is part of some layers-upon-layers conspiracy for world domination, involving Aztechnology and some Amazonian drug cartels
  • Various 2nd Ammendment issues and alternate history rants

Some other private files indicated:

  • “W0rld_0f_Warcraft” is his written password since it can’t be hacked
  • Tony of the Cutters is working on a Cutter Coup.

The crew ended up leaving the Cathode Glow late that night. Unbeknownst to the rest of the crew, “T” (Tybalt Thelonius Tiberion) stayed behind and magicked himself to look like Conners and fired the Elf youth for the disrespect he gave to ‘the group’. The elf youth fled out of the club in hysterics!

Drug Run Pt. 2
Side Mission from Pay Data

(Midnight on the eve of 4/13/2072)

The car chase down the 405 lasted two and a half sessions (and so will be much abbreviated). Much of this was flushing out the mechanics of car combat. Overall the gang was surprised at the 405 Hell Hound’s tenacity to dieing and running into guard rails. Overall, the Hell Hounds lost 6 Mirages, 2 Scorpions, and Shin-Hyung (the latter to a Knight Errant Commadore). As the race down the 405 was getting hairy, 2 Knight Errant Commadores and a Venture pulled onto the highway and began shooting at both the Hell Hounds and Kruz’s vehicle. As the chase neared its finale, a rival gang, the Leather Devils was met heading down the wrong side of the road playing chicken with Sho Nuff.

Both Sho Nuff and Kruz were able to pull a stunt and drive off the 405 without having to slow down, leaving the street gangs and Knight Errant Security on the 405. The crew finaly were able to pull into the Gates Casino and pass off the suitcase to Rocco the Troll.

The crew opted to take a non 405 route back to their base of operation and receive their payment for the mission. Sho Nuff managed to talk Pay Data into paying the crew an extra $1000 as he argued a mission of such eluded importance should have come with a free rental than forcing the crew to rent a car for the mission. Pay was distributed and the crew had a week’s worth of down time to spend recouping and training new skills.

Drug Run - Gates Casino
Side Mission from Pay Data

(Midnight on the eve of 4/13/2072)

Pay Data hired us to make a Drug Run. Currently the crew is driving 2 Gophers (one is rented from Allen Wrench.

The crew is currently on the 405 while being chased by 3 gangers from the 405 Hell Hounds on Mirages. Sho-Nuff, Horror Show, and YoQuiero are in the rental car taking the lead while Kruz and T are acting as a buffer.

Sho-Nuff has pulled away from Kruz and the gangers when the session ended.

Truck Balls and a Jock Strap

4/7/2072 (Continued)

The mission ended by a debriefing by Tony the Ork. Tony’s description of the job underlined its potential difficulties while making a point to demean the group’s success. Sho-Nuff presented Tony with Bad Dog’s signet ring (still attached to the finger), cementing his position as the group’s leader, at least in Tony’s eyes.

Upon receiving the $3000 dollar cred-stick, Sho-Nuff pushed for more stressing the real success of the mission was in how it was carried out and how word would spread for both the Cutters and Sho-Nuff’s prestige (including the group’s prestige, but Sho-Nuff is a bit self centered). 18 gangers had died, a few were allowed to live to spread the word of what was done and who did it. Tony seemed impressed by Sho-Nuff’s brazenness, even going so far as to praise the size of Sho-Nuff’s “balls” and wondered what Sho-Nuff was using to carry them in, that the gave a $500 bonus despite his orders not to ask for one.

Tony also mentioned that it was dangerous for the group to leave the Barrens as the Drop Outs were associated with the Gianelli Crime Family (spelling and wiki link needed).

T broke out his med kit and proceeded to heal himself and Sho-Nuff of the wounds taken in the fight with the drop outs. T also began repairing the equipment the crew used in the previous mission with Sho-Nuff’s assistance (which probably amounted to various comments like, “Yeah, turn that wrench”, “here use this screw driver”, and “Hey Horror Show, can you get us one of those left handed wrenches? Your Katana won’t be as sharp if we can’t get our hands on one…!”

Karma Awards for Downtime

T 2
Sho Nuff 1


Tony informed the group that he has another job for us coming up. This job is an extortion job where we will be escorting and using a Hacker named Macintosh to extract some data from some corporate office. More details will follow in one week’s time. Tony then introduced us to a number of NPCs that we can use as contacts that are affiliated with the Cutters. This Tony stressed was one of the perk in being with the gang.

The meeting with MacIntosh would happen in 1 week’s time, giving the crew enough time to rest, heal, train, and work on equipment as needed.

New NPCs

Swamp Meat
A go to guy for weapons, armor, and ammo. Has various Crime Mall contacts. He won’t give premium prices for anything that isn’t new, generally offers prices of 5% on loot items (may be raised to 10% on negotiation)

Connection: 4 Loyalty: 1

Elf woman with blue streaks in black hair, has an olive color to her skin. She is a drug queen with access to hospital medic supplies, and cyberware. Currently has a high mark up for any drugs she sells to the group.

Connection: 3 Loyalty: 1

Allen Wrench
A grease monkey with a talent for fixing and selling cars. He can also remove RFID tags.

Connection: 5 Loyalty: 1

Disco Sims
A Cutter whose purpose is to gather intel and recruit for the cutters. Was under the influence and out of it when the crew was being introduced so no Connection/Loyalty as of yet.

Pay Data
Dwarf with mirrored smart goggles. Pay Data is a Fixer, he can give the group side jobs, gather/share info, and even hire out if the crew needs outside help.

Connection: 4 Loyalty: 1
Need a New Plan

April 7, 2072

After deliberating as to whether or not it was a good idea to pull up in front of a garage of hostile, want-to-be gangers, the crew decided to go about things with a little more stealth in mind. The rest of the account will be shared en medias res for brevity and comedic effect.

At the southern wall, trying to get Horror Show into position

Sho Nuff: What do you mean you don’t know how to use this equipment? You bought it!
Horror Show: Ah, shut it! I always wanted to learn. Now I can!
T and Kruz (watching remotely): /snicker
Sho Nuff: The wall is only 10 feet tall, you lummox!
T: On belay!
Sho Nuff (providing a boost to Horror Show and grunting from the weight): Belay on, you fucker!

All but Horror Show hide in the shadows waiting for the Troll to give the signal that the patrolling Drop Outs have been taken care of.

Sho Nuff: Hey, he’s pretty quiet for being so big. Who’d a thought it.
T: Hey, did you see that?
Sho Nuff: What?
T: That! (a body gets thrown off the wall completing a double gainer before crunching on the pavement)
Sho Nuff: Jesus, that’s one way to hide the bodies…

T is a go, so he magics himself to look like Leet Skillz and moves in to chat up Nail, Trancer, and Pony Boy

T: Hey guys, can I get in on your game?
Nail: Ah, Leet, you suck. Get out of here, you always cheat anyway!
Pony Boy: Yeah, you cheat!
T: I don’t cheat, you guys just suck at cards. What’s the game? (glitches on a con check, uses an edge only to critically glitch on the same con check) Anything’s fine with me, just as long as it’s not one of those Yakuza games, Yakuza sucks!
Nail: Um, Leet. You like the Yakuza.
Pony Boy: Yeah, aren’t they the ones you got the Beetle from?
Sho Nuff: (smacks his head while hiding around the corner)
T: er…. Hey, where do I sit, oh this one’s open! (pushes Trancer off the seat as he’s currently engrossed on his Beetle).
Nail: Damn, that’s cold, Leet! Trancer’s going to kick your ass!
Pony Boy: Yeah, and you even got him that Beetle so that is super low.
T: Ah, he won’t mind. He’s out of it… look at him. It’d take something really fucked up to get him out of that sim, Sho Nuff, it would!
Sho Nuff: (Charging in from outside) Who’s the Master!
Nail and Pony Boy: … what?
Ziiip! (Nail drops from a small caliber bullet to his head from Horror Show as Pony Boy takes a punch to the forehead via Sho-Nuff’s Shock gloves).
Horror Show: … thanks for letting me know the signal, asses.
Sho Nuff: What else would it be?
T: This one’s mine! (charges Trancer, trips on his own feet, crumples, knocks the wind out off his lungs on a chair, and accidentaly draws Trancer out of his sim safely and raring for a fight)
Sho Nuff: Oh, nice move!
Horror Show: Fuckin’ gimper
T: groan Ack, my liver!

Big Boss Fight, T’s been shot as he was standing sentry over the stair way. The gun turret has been disabled and several of the inner circle of Mad Dog’s Drop Outs have been cut down though the rest are charging up. Horror Show and Sho Nuff are running over to help as Kruz’s aerial drone shoots at the attacking gangers from above

BAD Dog: Grrrr
T: Sit!
(BAD Dog attacks T)
T: EEEEeeeeeeee!
Kruz’s Drone: BRrrrrrrr (shooting bursts of bullets at the BAD Dog who seems to have a sixth sense when it comes to dodging bullets)

Sho Nuff: (charging) Who’s the Prettiest!
Ganger #2 Blam! (Shoots Sho Nuff in the chest)
Sho Nuff Oooof!

Only the BAD Dog remains alive and fighting, he’s dodged multiple rounds of gun fire, katana strikes, and aggressive commands. He’s currently been spending simple actions to piss all over Horror Show’s boots because it’s funny

Horror Show: Raaawwwwwrr! Whiff!
BAD Dog: Ruf!, tinkles on Horror Show’s boots again
Horror Show: Take that! Whiff! (getting more and more enraged after each miss)
Kruz and Sho Nuff opt to watch the display instead of participate in it. Sho Nuff has a look of ’Let’s get on with it, shall we?’
Horror Show: Yah! Whiff! (madder, yet)
BAD Dog: (back flips over the sword thrust)
Horror Show: Take that! (stomps down on hard concrete as the BAD Dog, once again dodges, extremely mad)
BAD Dog: (looking winded now)
Horror Show: Keeya! (catches the leaping dog on his Katana, letting it slide to the ground, dead) Ah, hah! I hated that Dog!
Sho Nuff Looks like you got a new name now, Mad Dog! /snicker


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