Shadowrun Seattle

Macinstosh is AWOL

Tony's Not Happy


Tony hosts a meeting, he is agitated and drinking a class of some type of alcohol. He claims that Macintosh has gone missing and he was an integral source for the next mission that our crew was going to work on. He wants to find out what happened to Macintosh, who is responsible and if Macintosh is dead, to punish those who killed him. Failure means the Cutters will no longer see the gang as members, success might mean some type of payment, tho Tony’s demeanor wasn’t really open to negotiation.

Macintosh’s Quarters

Private room in the rear of the compound. It contained a cot, some grubby blankets, a desk with an old Apple computer, and a locked foot locker. The room also boasts of a broken window that faces out into the rubbled streets of the Barrens. “T” (Tybalt Thelonius Tiberion) found a note with a password to Macintosh’s computer where the group found information on a place that Macintosh frequented called the Cathode Glow, a 20th century inspired hang out for geeks with a taste for archaic video games. Several emails were posted indicating that Macintosh’s last outgoing message was a week old. Most of the emails detailed information about games such as World of Warcraft and Madden 99 and many boastings of Macintosh’s achievements in those games.

The foot locker contained 3 sets of soiled sweatsuits valued at $20 each, a hot blue Urban Explorer Jumpsuit ($650), a Flechette 600 pistol ($350) with an undermount smart system ($200), 2 full clips of ammo (30 rounds each), a pamphlet advertising the Cathode Glow and its location at 6th avenue and North Cedar Street in the Takoma District.

At the end of the search Sho Nuff moved his bunk into the room, claiming it for his own for the elevation of the crew’s image.

The Cathode Glow

The Cathode Glow is located in a 3 story open warehouse that sells 20th century computer wares and offers a solace for computer nerds to hang out and plink historic quarters into video games. Admission to get in is set at $20 tho an annual membership could be purchased for $80. After a short altercation with the young, khaki wearing elf male at the door, admissions were paid and the crew entered into the establishment.

Casey Conners is the owner of the Cathode Glow. After some finagling he offered to let us open Macintosh’s account and allow us to search for any pertinent information. Conners also gave us Macintosh’s address in Takoma, 873 N. Junette Street, Apt. 726 in Takoma and that Macintosh’s real name is Harry Stills.

YoQuiero spent 4 hours mulling through Macintosh’s ramblings and his ever persistent conspiracy theories, the more colorful were:

  • Governor Brackhaven is actually a dragon
  • The Arcology shutdown was all orchestrated, and Renraku continues to operate the ACHE, conducting experiments on the people who live in and visit it
  • The drug tempo is part of some layers-upon-layers conspiracy for world domination, involving Aztechnology and some Amazonian drug cartels
  • Various 2nd Ammendment issues and alternate history rants

Some other private files indicated:

  • “W0rld_0f_Warcraft” is his written password since it can’t be hacked
  • Tony of the Cutters is working on a Cutter Coup.

The crew ended up leaving the Cathode Glow late that night. Unbeknownst to the rest of the crew, “T” (Tybalt Thelonius Tiberion) stayed behind and magicked himself to look like Conners and fired the Elf youth for the disrespect he gave to ‘the group’. The elf youth fled out of the club in hysterics!



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