Shadowrun Seattle

Double Trouble, Sho Nuff!

Tony's Not Happy

12:01 a.m. 4/20/2072

Escaping from the Apartment

The gang spent some time trying to figure out their best exit strategy and what to do with the two captive shadowrunners. Sho Nuff was not convinced that JustJim was telling them the full truth and he wanted to keep the two gimps from informing their employer of their failure. The plan was to take the two, bound in sheets and arms tied, with Benny’s severed arms for window dressing and use the confusion to escape out the back of the apartment building. “T” (Tybalt Thelonius Tiberion) would use his knowledge to try and cover any evidence of what happened by setting fire to the apartment across the way from Macintosh’s. The bodies of the dead shadowrunners were placed in the same apartment. Sho Nuff managed to loot a bunch of random electronics and clothing from the apartment before the escape.

“T” (Tybalt Thelonius Tiberion) made his exit from the stairwell into the first floor of the apartment building masked as Sho Nuff. Upon his exit, the fake Sho Nuff was accosted by William the poor ticket taker that T fired from the Cathode Glow. William pleaded desperately for the fake Sho Nuff to intercede on his behalf and smooth things over with T in hopes of getting his job back. T being guided by his mentor spirit was forced to engage and help the poor sap. Though the physical appearance was magically altered, the spell did not manage to capture the true essence of Sho Nuff. What was witnessed was a caricature that looked like Sho Nuff and sounded like a cross between Fat Albert, Reverend Jessie Jackson, and Redd Fox’s Fred Sanford.

The sheer audacity of trying to mimic one’s betters provoked a response from the real Sho Nuff who shut off the car that was running so that they could evade Night Errants imminent arrival, so that he could confront the imposter. Had Sho Nuff grown up in the richy middle class neighborhoods of Tacoma, this confrontation might have been settled through conversation and possibly a little chastisement. But, since Sho Nuff grew up in the Barrens, the confrontation was conducted by a fist to the face and a flurry of verbal abuse. The crew eventually made it back to the car where T dropped his mask and Sho Nuff drove away.

h4. Planning the Next Stage

Once at the compound, the two prisoner shadowrunners were placed in some Cutter cages for safe keeping while the gang tried to figure out their next move. Sho Nuff was of a mind to find out who this Nate the Fixer was who used this crew for menial jobs, figuring Nate was probably the one to referred the group to the unknown Fixer who hired them to “protect” Mac’s apartment. YoQuiero recognized the physical description of Nate to be a person who he knew as Stiffy. YoQuiero had made fake id’s for Stiffy in the past, so an email was sent out to Stiffy/Nate requesting a meeting.

While at the compound, the group sold Benny’s cyberware to Phantasy, gaining some respect in her eyes after negotiating a slightly higher selling price of the used equipment.

This was also the time that YoQuiero accessed the DataChip that was found inside of the wall safe from Macintosh’s apartment. In it were two files, one was a blueprint of the first floor of Han Microtech. The second was a document detailing Han Microtech’s business expenses. From the overview the group concluded that the company was laundering money, and it was believed by “T” (Tybalt Thelonius Tiberion) that it was being used by the Yakuza (after having checked with some of his less than reputable sources).



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