Shadowrun Seattle

Macintosh's Apartment

Tony's Not Happy



The gang moved up to the sixth floor via the elevators and then took the stairs up to the seventh so they could slowly approach Macintosh’s apartment at Rm. 726. In lieu of any proper recon or observation, the group moved ahead and made up their minds to turn down a side passage if there were any suspicious looking characters around the apartment. Sure enough, there was a lone guard standing outside of Macintosh’s door who opened up with suppressing fire on the gang as we were turning into the side passage.

After hitting the deck, the group managed to roll into the side passage and get cover. Kruz immediately headed for the stairs and initiated the retreat to his rig in his vehicle. “T” (Tybalt Thelonius Tiberion) managed to fire off a Mana bolt, but as the second round of combat commenced 3 other shooters made their presence known and shot T in the face fairly significantly. T recalled that Kruz had asked him a question about the birds and the bees so he followed Kruz to inform him of what he knew about such matters from reading graffiti off of men’s bathroom stalls. He followed Kruz’s exit down the stairs and removed himself from combat.

YoQuiero hot linked himself in the stairwell so that he could check out what was going on in the grid. He noticed 5 com-links and was looking into them when the immediacy of the combat ended.

Horror Show also used the stairs to go up a level so that he could come down on one of the shooters who had taken position inside a corner stairwell. As he was readying himself for a charge, Sho Nuff threw a fragmentation grenade which blew up in the hallway, killing 3, gravely wounding 1, and peppered the lone woman with shrapnel. As Horror Show moved in to subdue the woman, he saw a fifth gunman who immediately gave up.


Their story was that the 5 of them had recently become Shadowrunners. A few of them knew each other longer than a month, but for the most part, they were new to the business. Benny (an ork who was the lone sentry in the hallway when the group approached) apparently was the leader who knew and who had dealings with a Fixer by the name of Nate. This job, however, was not contracted through Nate, but an unknown, shadowy individual who paid up front. The mission was to protect this apartment from a group from Han Microtechnology. Benny had taken severe damage from the grenade blast and was put down by Sho Nuff in an act of mercy after failing a first aid check to see if he could be stabilized.

It is possible that these ‘shadowrunners’ were contracted by Macintosh to protect his apartment and throw off anyone searching for him.

Alisha and JustJim were the only two remaining Shadowrunners left alive. Alisha mentioned that JustJim knew Nate the Fixer as well and that for the most part they completed some Lonestar Security gigs, and ran a few packages to the Puyallup Barrens, Underworld 93, and a couple to some unnamed gangers. Most of the contracts only netted a couple of hundred Nuyen, reflecting the small time status they were admitting to.

After interrogating the two for a bit, Alisha and JustJim were stripped down and secured with pillow cases over their heads and zip ties to their arms behind their backs. They were separated while the gang searched through the apartment.

The Search

YoQuiero found some journal entries inside of Macintosh’s computer. “T” (Tybalt Thelonius Tiberion) located a wall safe behind the fridge (using his knowledge of architecture and under Sho Nuff’s assistance) and a scrap piece of paper in the cushions of the recliner in the main room. Loot was gathered from the dead shadowrunners, their bodies brought out of the hallway and into the room, and of the items that were stripped from the two live ones.

The journal entries were shared with the group, YoQuiero used the master computer to open the wall safe which held some extra loot.

Macintosh Timeline

Macintosh Journal Entries



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