Macintosh Journal Entries

April 5, 2072: Blitzkrieg contacted me today. He wants me to gather information on some company called Han Microtechnology. Sounds like he’s thinking about making some run against it. Hate that motherfucker. Can’t ever trust what he’s up to. I’m gonna get a better deck and a small crew of my own and jack that motherfucker’s shit!

April 7, 2072: Did some snooping around. Got the basic info on the company. It’s a one-shop place, located at 2818 69th Avenue West, Tacoma District. Private company, co-owned by a couple chummers. Main one is William Han. Explains the name of the company I suppose. D’uh. Not much business info out there. Deals in some sort of generalized “microtechnology products.” D’uh x2. No public storefront, and almost all their business comes from a handful of other businesses. Gonna keep digging.

April 8, 2072: Did some scouting of the company. Drek! It’s got constant shifts of a lot of security guards! I counted at least 10 going in and out on a shift change. What kind of little-shit company like this needs that kind of security? I timed them at 12-minute check-ins. Their matrix security’s for shit though. Looks like they’re in the process of repairing or upgrading a host, and are using a level 2 temporary in the process. I’ve built better hosts than that thing. Looks like they’ve got a building security vulnerability too, air vent on the roof. Amateurs. I gotta figure out whether they’ve got access to an HTR. And I’ve gotta figure out what the hell they’re hiding in there. What’s Tony want out of this place?

April 9, 2072: Shit! I must have been seen when I reconned the place! I’m being followed, stalked, spied on. I dug out some restricted-access data on the company. Annual revenue/expenditure info, building blueprints, all the stuff I could find. I’m getting the data off my deck. Can’t have it found. Next step will be to transfer this journal offline. Fuck Tony and his plans. I’ve got a game scheduled at the Cathode Glow. I’m putting this shit out of my head. Gonna play, gonna win!

Macintosh Journal Entries

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